Lib Dem minister Ed Davey MP delivers his speech on the environment to Lib Dem conference

Lib Dem Minister jets off

There’s nothing like having a go at a politician for being a hypocrite – and the Lib Dems seem to offer themselves up as the easiest target for this type of abuse.

The Sun on Sunday did a great story under the headline Climate Minister Flies 100,000 Miles on the number of air miles flown by the Lib Dem Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey.

During his time on the front bench he has managed to clock up more than 100,000 miles jetting all around the world.

Of course the story has been done in a number of guises in the past as it is fairly straight-forward to attack agencies charged with protecting the environment with doing the exact opposite.

Defenders of Mr Davey and his like would say he needed to go to these countries for important meetings and he could hardly cycle in his sandals all the way to Peru.

But despite these protestations it tends to leave the reader with the impression that it is an example of the old “one rule for them, one rule for us”, which so turns us off our politicians.

As the TaxPayers’ Alliance say in the story would it not be possible for a little more video technology to be employed to save on all these journeys.

But the day a “green” minister or chief executive opts for a Skype chat rather than a fully-funded away day to a glamorous location is not a day I’m likely to see.

I’m going to ask the Department of Energy and Climate Change for the figures [link] and we’ll see what some of the trips were for and at what expense.


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