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What I call an all-rounder has appeared in the Daily Mail today about the number of children being arrested at school for having drugs.

Obviously it is a great topic for a Freedom of Information inquiry, yet experience has taught me it is not all together straight forward.

Asking all the 43 police forces in England and Wales the same question and then trying to pull together all the responses can be a lot of work – particularly if the forces have slightly different ways of recording the data, meaning some of it is open to interpretation.

I have seen similar stories on kids bring weapons into schools and kids being arrested for drug dealing, both of which I have written in my time.

This, however, is a nice twist on the theme and as with all good Freedom of Information surveys has some choice examples which help lift the story from being just a list.

I’m interested to see exactly how the person phrased the question so I am going to see if I can find a copy of the response from [Greater Manchester] and [South Wales] police forces.

UPDATE: 24-4-15: Apparently the originators of this piece of work were the Press Association [BBC site].

Daily Mail - 23-4-15

Daily Mail – 23-4-15

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