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An Apple a day……

The BBC has a curious position when it comes to the Freedom of Information Act. On the one hand its journalists use the Act as a means to help it get stories, yet on the other as a public body it is subject to significants aspects of the Act itself.

As the BBC is help up to the public as a money-guzzling, left-of-centre, out-of-touch old boys club the rest of the press enjoy an opportunity to have a dig at their competitor who doesn’t have to battle in the commercial world for revenue.

So any story about over spending and profligacy of any kind at the Corporation always stands a chance of making a good show in the papers.

A few weeks ago there was a cutting in the The Sun about how much the BBC spend on Apple gear, namely iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. It is just a simple tale that I thought I ought to find out for myself so that I might be able to developed the story at a later date.

The BBC’s FoI team have come back with the answer [BBC FoI Response] and it shows they are spending more than £1million per year with Apple.

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