Let the Gravy Train take the strain

It is only recently that Network Rail has been subjected to the indignity of having to respond to FoI requests.

As the agency in charge of the nation’s rail infrastructure it seemed a little bizarre that it had managed to side-swerve the implementation of the Act.

However, the Liberal Democrats may have gone back on their word about tuition fees rises but they stuck to their guns when it came to making sure the railways started to come under FoI legislation.

Sadly the tale of what happened next is all too familiar. As soon as we the public were allowed to peer into the darker corners of Network Rail we end up being disappointed.

In a great story by the Sun they have exposed the hypocrisy (yes, that again) at the heart of Network Rail in that its staff take the plane!

Not only does the plane get them around the country quicker, but they also claim to ditch the railways because they are too expensive. Incredible.

As the Sun says spending all this money for executives to fly is a scandal because “doing so cushions those cosseted executives against the misery their own unreliable network inflicts on millions each day through cancelations and delays.”

The Sun - 28-4-15

The Sun – 28-4-15

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