The Ins and Outs of the UK’s trade

One of the things I’m always on the lookout for as a data journalist are any new sources of information that can be used to provide the raw material for an article.
Recently I stumbled across a great resource called UK Trade Info, which as you might have guessed logs all the imports and exports relating to the UK.

What is really great is that the database can be manipulated from the comfort of your office chair to drill down into thousands of different products relating to hundreds of countries.

frogsSo if you need to know how many peanuts we import from Peru or how many crabs we ship to China this is the site for you.
Already it has proved a rich source of nibs (news in brief) for me and I managed to get this story into the Star on Sunday from the data. I’ve got a couple more articles written using the data and I hope to see them published in the very near future.

But for any journalists needing to know trade details this is the definitive site and what is really great is there is a helpline manned by actual human beings to talk you through manipulating the data.

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