Jailhouse stock control

When most people think of prison they have an image of Fletch from BBC’s Porridge, his quest for pineapple chunks and his erudite cellmate Godber who had a geography O-level – or maybe it is just me. But the media has a fascination with criminals and by proxy the way we choose to punish criminals in this country.
The days of transportation, public floggings and capital punishment are long gone but there is still an inherent tension between society’s desire to reform criminals and the gut instinct of the public to want to see punishment.

So any article that sheds light on the workings of the criminal justice system is always something that stands an above average chance of getting into print. Recently I was given (very belatedly) a spreadsheet from the Ministry of Justice [MOJ Contracts] showing all the contracts that it had signed up to and paid in the last year.

It detailed everything the cost of virtually everything including warders’ non-slip shoes and the knives they carry to cut down inmates who have attempted suicide. But it is the amount of money spent on the lags themselves that really makes the piece, including how much was spent on their TVs, haircuts, gardening equipment and toothbrushes. The article was published by the Daily Mirror.

prison TVs

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