Door lock sign indicates facilities in use!

A penny for your thoughts

Some of you may have had the misfortune in the past to have been stuck at a railway station needing to use the loo.

I’ve often arrived at Victoria and wanted to take a comfort break before the train ride back to the south coast to be confronted with the barriers. Those veterans of station toilets will be aware that a gaggle of confused and uncomfortable travellers develop in front of the barriers first trying to understand how to get in and then how to find the necessary change.

At Victoria they recently put in change machines right next to the toilet barriers to help ease some of the tension caused by people milling around looking for 20p while keeping an iron grip on their bladders. Now Network Rail, the keepers of these conveniences has released (I suspect through Freedom of Information laws) how much it has been making from these lavatories.

I know it is not the world’s most earth-shattering story but when the loos at Victoria are making £2,000-per-day from travellers already paying through the nose for their train ticket, you’d think that maybe the railways could be in better condition. Anyhow, what has really appalled me is that the cost of using these loos at Victoria is now 50p and I’m sure when I last used them it was just 20p, which is quite a price hike. So considering how much money they have already coined in over the last three years I’m going to enquire from Network Rail what the justification was for the 150percent price rise.


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