Officials hold data on the numbers hurt in fairground accidents

For me chair-o-planes were about as risky as I would go in relation to fairground rides. So when I hear of people being injured or stranded on these ever bigger and faster machines it just encourages my inner coward.

From a stats point of view, of course, the numbers injured in fairground and amusement park rides is extremely newsworthy given the recent calamities that have taken place.

Fortunately for us the Health and Safety Executive have to keep a record of such incidents and the numbers were hauled out for inspection after a Parliamentary Written Question was put down by Jim Shannon MP.

The results released by the Department of Work and Pensions [link] show there were almost 500 injuries in the last year.

As alarming as the figure is I don’t find it surprising as it would appear to be that the more complicated the mechanics of the ride the more moronic and disinterested the employee in charge of it.

If I risk my life in some contraption that spins and shakes at the speed of light I want the equivalent of a brain surgeon with their hand poised over the stop button.

Anyhow, the Sun have used the statistics to produce a clever story hot on the heels of the recent mishaps at Alton Towers, M&D’s and on London’s South Bank.


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