Millions in food and drink subsidy paid to Houses of Parliament

It must be a great life being a Parliamentarian. Nice salary, great expenses, employ all your family members too, fantastic pension and then probably a cushy seat in the House of Lords.

Those perks are ten complemented by all the extra-curricular cash they can rake in from TV appearances, book deals and even journalism.

Wine in chillerSo it might come as something of a shock to know that these “poor” individuals need to have their meals subsidised by the taxpayer.

The restaurants and bars in the Palace of Westminster might not appear a cut above the normal works canteen, but that doesn’t stop them from getting a hefty subsidy.

It means that every glass of white wine consumed on the Common’s Terrace is reduced in price thanks to the taxes that you and me are paying.

A Freedom of Information Act request found that last year the House of Commons gobbled up £2.5million in subsidy for its food and drink while the House of Lords needed £1.2million to keep the books in order.

A total of £3.7million, or more than £70,000 a week, going from our pockets down the gullets of our MPs, Lords and their guests.

Articles based on the FoI appeared in a number of papers including the Daily Mail.


At a time when the number of people needing food banks to feed their own families has reached a record high you’d think our Parliamentarians would have more shame. But it seems not.

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