Foreign Office flagging to hold up their end of the argument


It seems slightly bizarre that in 2017 the Government should still be getting itself in a tizzy over LGBT issues – but it seems they can’t help themselves. In 2015 our then Foreign Secretary was reported as having written to embassies around the globe that our gin-swilling ambassadors were to be forbidden to fly the […]

Millions in food and drink subsidy paid to Houses of Parliament


It must be a great life being a Parliamentarian. Nice salary, great expenses, employ all your family members too, fantastic pension and then probably a cushy seat in the House of Lords. Those perks are ten complemented by all the extra-curricular cash they can rake in from TV appearances, book deals and even journalism. So […]

Higher University fees putting off poorer applicants


University education is a strange thing. When it was worth something they paid you to have it, but now that it can be worthless they charge you a fortune for it. When I was a fresh-faced undergraduate I got a student grant for my living expenses and asking me to pay for the tuition I […]

Officials hold data on the numbers hurt in fairground accidents


For me chair-o-planes were about as risky as I would go in relation to fairground rides. So when I hear of people being injured or stranded on these ever bigger and faster machines it just encourages my inner coward. From a stats point of view, of course, the numbers injured in fairground and amusement park […]

Transparency flies off into the distance


The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has the responsibility for ensuring air safety and as such is a Government quango that ultimately is answerable to the general public. Well that’s the idea…… Sadly I’ve received an e-mail from the powers that be at the CAA that in future a lot of Freedom of Information inquiries that […]

Flying into a political storm


The political hot potato that is immigration and the coverage of the issue in the press is a classic case of the chicken and the egg – which came first. Are papers simply reflecting the angst of an indigenous population concerned their nation is being swamped with migrants on the hunt for jobs, benefits and […]

Numbers stacked against the punters


The Gambling Commission is the publicly funded quango that is supposed to keep an eye on everything to do with the gambling industry. In part I suspect it was set up to ensure that the Government keeps it take of however much cash is being wagered, but it is also there to try to bring […]

A penny for your thoughts

Door lock sign indicates facilities in use!

Some of you may have had the misfortune in the past to have been stuck at a railway station needing to use the loo. I’ve often arrived at Victoria and wanted to take a comfort break before the train ride back to the south coast to be confronted with the barriers. Those veterans of station […]

We seek them here – we seek them there


It never ceases to amaze me the extent to which officials will try to wash their hands of responsibility – particularly when to the layman the topic in question is exactly what they should be overseeing. Well an excellent example of this has fallen into my lap, and unless there is a change of heart […]

Health concerns of airline pilots


A statistic that is often trotted out is that you are more likely to be killed in car crash driving to the airport than in the subsequent plane journey. I’m sure the number crunchers are right but that doesn’t stop me gripping the seat as my jumbo comes into land at 100mph.   I’ve been […]