Will “Big Sam” have the last laugh at the Hammers?


The marriage between “Fat Sam” and the Hammers was always one that was going to end in acrimony. The troubled pact between manager Sam Allardyce and West Ham had been heading for the rocks for some months and, to use one too many metaphors, the wheels came off as the season ended. Allardyce and West […]

England cricket needs to learn a lesson from the past

You can judge the character of a man by the character he keeps is an age old adage. If so, then the fact that Kevin Pietersen appears to be best pals with Piers Morgan speaks volumes. Annoying, self-obsessed and it would seem untrustworthy are some of characteristics of Pietersen which means he will not be […]

Tale of a true trailblazer

Laurie Cunnigham

As a modern day football fan I have been a season ticket holder at Brighton and Hove Albion’s new glitzy stadium for the last three seasons. One thing I really enjoy about the match day experience at the ground is there has never been any overt racism against black players. Sadly that wasn’t the case […]