Social Media crime – Buses of the 21st century?

Showing social media icons on smartphone

About two years ago I did an article for the newspapers on the number of crimes the police logged that were linked in some way to Facebook. At the time Facebook was getting a lot of bad publicity and the article just helped to fan the flames of discontent about the lack of social responsibility […]

Councils exposed spending thousands on “stars”

Council chiefs will no doubt start another round of bleating soon that they can’t afford to deal with Freedom of Information Act requests any more as the next round of Government cuts arrive. Normally they claim they are besieged with pointless requests about how many toilet rolls they have used, are they making preparations for […]

Top of the Class A

Congratulations all round for Class A

What I call an all-rounder has appeared in the Daily Mail today about the number of children being arrested at school for having drugs. Obviously it is a great topic for a Freedom of Information inquiry, yet experience has taught me it is not all together straight forward. Asking all the 43 police forces in […]