Harsh tale of triple murder in the Highlands


When novelists take real life events and people as the bedrock for their fictional stories I quite wrongly feel cheated that the narrative is not a journey into the writer’s undiluted imagination. Clearly my objection to grafting fiction onto elements of real life is ridiculous as ultimately all a writer’s thoughts must in some way […]

Great stories from the Deep South


Currently I have a yearning to visit the southern states of America. The reason for my desire to see myself sipping whisky on the desk of a Mississippi paddle steamer rather than taking my holidays in a caravan in Bognor is entirely down to the efforts of the author Tim Gautreaux. I stumbled across a […]

Literary great or heap of mother love?

Carel Fabritus, who painted Goldfinch, the painting at the heart of Tartt's novel.

It’s not often that you come across a new word, or one that is a splendid as bildundsroman. Apparently it is used in literary criticism to describe a coming-of-age story like Harry Potter’s adventures or Pip in Dickens’ Great Expectations. Bildundsroman fits perfectly what The Goldfinch is – the story of how Theo Decker staggers […]

Tale of a true trailblazer

Laurie Cunnigham

As a modern day football fan I have been a season ticket holder at Brighton and Hove Albion’s new glitzy stadium for the last three seasons. One thing I really enjoy about the match day experience at the ground is there has never been any overt racism against black players. Sadly that wasn’t the case […]