Transparency flies off into the distance


The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has the responsibility for ensuring air safety and as such is a Government quango that ultimately is answerable to the general public. Well that’s the idea…… Sadly I’ve received an e-mail from the powers that be at the CAA that in future a lot of Freedom of Information inquiries that […]

Health concerns of airline pilots


A statistic that is often trotted out is that you are more likely to be killed in car crash driving to the airport than in the subsequent plane journey. I’m sure the number crunchers are right but that doesn’t stop me gripping the seat as my jumbo comes into land at 100mph.   I’ve been […]

Toxic air fears on passenger planes


The Civil Aviation Authority, the safety watchdog for airlines and their passengers, holds a whole host of excellent data around incidents involving planes. One of the articles I have done quite regularly, and which appeared in the Sunday Express this week, is the number of times that pilots put on oxygen masks because of fears […]