Health concerns of airline pilots


A statistic that is often trotted out is that you are more likely to be killed in car crash driving to the airport than in the subsequent plane journey. I’m sure the number crunchers are right but that doesn’t stop me gripping the seat as my jumbo comes into land at 100mph.   I’ve been […]

Jailhouse stock control


When most people think of prison they have an image of Fletch from BBC’s Porridge, his quest for pineapple chunks and his erudite cellmate Godber who had a geography O-level – or maybe it is just me. But the media has a fascination with criminals and by proxy the way we choose to punish criminals […]

Drugs’ side-effect data reveals the torment of human guinea pigs


I’ve blogged before on the data on drugs’ side-effects held by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and how articles based on those statistics need a health warning attached to them. Why? Because there is no firm link between the drug and the side-effect and there is no data on the numbers of […]

A medical outlier or a mathematical anomoly


For whatever reason certain some subjects are considered more “newsworthy” than others. Professors of journalism, and there are such people, would probably spend many hours explaining why some topics fly into the pages of newspapers and others don’t. As a freelancer it is much more important simply to identify what these key subjects are than […]