Millions in food and drink subsidy paid to Houses of Parliament


It must be a great life being a Parliamentarian. Nice salary, great expenses, employ all your family members too, fantastic pension and then probably a cushy seat in the House of Lords. Those perks are ten complemented by all the extra-curricular cash they can rake in from TV appearances, book deals and even journalism. So […]

Transparency flies off into the distance


The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has the responsibility for ensuring air safety and as such is a Government quango that ultimately is answerable to the general public. Well that’s the idea…… Sadly I’ve received an e-mail from the powers that be at the CAA that in future a lot of Freedom of Information inquiries that […]

A penny for your thoughts

Door lock sign indicates facilities in use!

Some of you may have had the misfortune in the past to have been stuck at a railway station needing to use the loo. I’ve often arrived at Victoria and wanted to take a comfort break before the train ride back to the south coast to be confronted with the barriers. Those veterans of station […]

Jailhouse stock control


When most people think of prison they have an image of Fletch from BBC’s Porridge, his quest for pineapple chunks and his erudite cellmate Godber who had a geography O-level – or maybe it is just me. But the media has a fascination with criminals and by proxy the way we choose to punish criminals […]

Dog cull sets tongues wagging


Most of the articles I write are based around numbers. The reason for this is although I enjoy writing number-based articles it is just much easier to get hold of information in a numerical form than a document that has been written by somebody in their words. Personally I believe this is because many people […]

Social Media crime – Buses of the 21st century?

Showing social media icons on smartphone

About two years ago I did an article for the newspapers on the number of crimes the police logged that were linked in some way to Facebook. At the time Facebook was getting a lot of bad publicity and the article just helped to fan the flames of discontent about the lack of social responsibility […]

BBC scores “own goal” buying 300 copies of the Grauniad every day


The term scoring an “own goal” has been ripped out of the football arena and is used for all sorts of events these days to describe the unfortunate circumstances when doing something that seemed to be the right thing turns out to have consequences that are the exact opposite. I still cannot hear the term […]

Lib Dem’s weasel ways exposed by the Jockmageddon


When attempting to extract information from Government using the Freedom of Information Act I am always aware that numbers are easier to get hold of than words. In a way it is a good thing that officials don’t look at a spreadsheet or a pattern of numbers and realise that buried in there somewhere is […]