Millions paid to families of patients killed by botched NHS hospital care


Hidden within the depths of the NHS is a body called the NHS Litigation Authority (NHSLA) which has the rather sad job of dishing out billions of pounds to patients who have been the victims of negligent care while in hospital. From a journalistic point of view the NHSLA is very useful in that it […]

NHS pensions riding off with our cash


One of my first posts on this site was about an article in the Daily Mail which aimed to expose the excessive pay and pensions of some NHS executives. Taking my cue from that piece I fired in a Freedom of Information Act request to the NHS body that oversees their pensions seeking to find […]

Whistleblowers’ concerns at NHS care


The Care Quality Commission (CQC) sits as a watchdog in charge of the NHS trying to ensure that standards in the nation’s hospitals are kept high. To help them achieve this task the CQC has a special whistleblowers’ service for concerned health workers allowing them to get in touch with their worries but remain confidential. […]

NHS “fat cats” looking forward to the Good Life


The Daily Mail have today published a big investigation into “fat cats” in the NHS by looking through all the accounts of the dozens and dozens of Trusts. Hidden away in these accounts there is always a section on the remuneration for the top bosses and a separate section on their pension entitlement. The Mail […]